Learn Japanese at home with online program

Learn Japanese at home with a online program.
Study Japanese by yourself using a Japanese learning website at any time you want.
You can study Japanese at home if you have an access to the internet.

Some classes where you can learn Japanese online.A website where you can study Japanese online.

Isogo-ku : 日本語にほんごたのしむかい

We teach Japanese to those who have roots abroad. At present,
we offer mainly face-to-face lessons with a small group of people.
Those who wish to have online lessons, please let us know.

How to apply:
please contact us through the website using the form below.
*Every Wednesday, we have face-to-face lessons for conversation, reading and writing.

Isogo ward office. 3 min walk from JR Isogo station.

Tsurumi-ku : 1.2.3日本語支援にほんごしえんかい

We offer classes for those foreigners who live or work in Tsurumi ward.
We also have some online lessons.
The contents of the lesson will be decided with the volunteer staff members.

How to apply:
Apply with the “Shitsumonhyo (inquiry sheet) ” on the website.
Those who have never attended a class before will have an interview at Tsurumi international lounge.

Tsurumi international lounge 1 min walk from JR Tsurumi station.

Totsuka-ku : フリースクール おっちーじゅく

We teach Japanese to foreign students. We have online (Zoom) lessons.
We enjoy studying with those children who say “I want to learn Japanese fast to get to understand lessons at school” or “I want to make friends”.

How to apply:
you can book lessons with LINE after you have applied with “application form” on the website.

Totsuka Kumin Katsudo
Center 1 min walk from JR Higashi-Totsuka Station.

Kanagawa-ku and other areas : ユッカのかい

We have schools in Yokohama, Totsuka, Higashi-Totsuka and Hongodai.
We study the Japanese language and school subjects one-to-one.
We decide the studying date and time by advance arrangement.
Apart from Japanese classes, we have computer courses and exchange activities.
Please check “activities description” on the website for more details.

To apply:
Once a week, 1.5-2 hours. Face-to-face is available.
Please send an email indicating place and time you want.
After application, we will decide which volunteer staff member will study with you.

Yokohama, Totsuka, Higashitotsuka and Hongoudai
Please visit the website for details.

Asahi-ku : にほんご教室きょうしつ ひろば

We offer classes for those foreigners who live or work in Tsurumi ward.
We also have some online lessons. The contents of the lesson will be decided with the volunteer staff members.

How to apply:
①Self-introduction (Please write it in as much detail as possible) and
➁Please let us know the grade of JLPT by email.
We will let you know if there is a class available for you.

Tsurumi International Lounge 1 min walk from JR Tsurumi station

NHK WORLD-JAPAN Easy Japanese:やさしい日本語にほんご

You can enjoy studying Japanese from beginner’s level in 18 languages.

You can learn the beginning level of Japanese conversation, basics of grammar & expressions and Japanese culture.
The audio and textbook can also be downloaded.

まるごと+ MARUGOTO Plus

This website offers high usability contents!, supported in English and Spanish.

You can learn about Japanese and Japanese culture by watching various videos
along with the Japanese text book called “Marugoto Japanese language and culture”.

source The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute,Kansai


Lots of fun videos!

You can enjoy learning Japanese with Erin, an exchange student.
On this website, we not only offer skit videos, but also movies, photos and some quizzes to learn about Japanese culture.


Let’s study along with text books!

We use an online Japanese text book called “Genki” for beginners.
“Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing” skills can be gained.

source The Japan Times Publishing,Ltd


NHK News which is written in easy Japanese

This is the website for those foreigners who live in Japan,
elementary school children and junior high school students.
The news is written in easy Japanese, Kanji has furigana and
all difficult words have an explanation from a dictionary.
You can also listen to the news with sound.
It is very useful that you can get the latest news by learning Japanese.
In addition to the news, you will know about disaster information.

Source NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)

つながるひろがる にほんごでのくらし

The Japanese learning website for those foreigners living in Japan

You can learn Japanese that is used in daily life in Japan by watching videos.
These videos contain various situations such as “greetings”, “shopping” and “using public offices”.
Since the courses are divided into three levels, you can study at your own pace.
Choose the one you like and have fun studying with! We support six languages.

Source Japanese Language Division, Agency for Cultural Affairs

Japanese for Life in Japan (いろどり)

Develop a basic Japanese communication ability!

We use teaching materials to develop Japanese communication ability that is needed when living or working in Japan. We have three different class levels so that you can chose a suitable class at your own level. You can not only practice your “speaking”, “writing”, “listening” and “reading” but also learn grammar, kanji, and find out about Japanese living information. We offer it in Japanese, English, Chinese, Mongolian, Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese. (as of the end of November, 2020)

Source The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa

Japanese in Anime & Manga (アニメ・マンガの日本語)

You can enjoy studying Japanese in a game or quiz form!

Do you like Japanese cartoons or comics? In this website, you can learn about Japanese and cultural information by reading and watching comics with four genres (love, school, ninja and samurai) which are popular abroad. It’s nice to start studying Japanese with the cue of cartoons or comics. We offer it in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and French.

Source The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai

Tsutaeru Hatsuon(つたえる はつおん)

This is a website where you can learn about Japanese pronunciation.

This is a Japanese learning website where you can learn pronunciation of words to explain your feelings properly. To begin with, try to answer 10 questions! You will get to know “What and how to practice”. It is very easy to understand because you can check how to practice with a video. Please check the details by using the video from “How to use this website”. We also have “Tsutaeru Hatsuon” in a YouTube channel.

Source:Team Tsutaeru Hatsuon

Nihongo Tadoku(にほんご たどく)

Let’s brush up your Japanese by enjoying reading many books!

Extensive reading is a way to study “Reading many easy books that match your taste at your own pace”. Enjoy reading by watching pictures without using dictionary. By encountering many words and situations, you will gradually get used to Kanji and master Japanese. There are many free reading materials in “Nihongo Tadoku”. Please check the website for how to start extensive reading.

Source:NPO Tadoku Supporters